Training the young ideas to shoot, the school has exhibited profound performance in the academic section.
Two additional floors were recently accrued to the main school building. Its facade adorns the school motto. The ground floor of the building comprises of the science laboratories. These labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus and modern instruments. The various charts and models decorating the walls make the ambience perfect for experimentation and innovation.
The second floor has spacious classrooms while the third floor consists of a huge examination hall. More property has been annexed to the school premises in order to meet the demands of the ever increasing strength of students.


Keeping in view the need for the food of mind, the school library has been furnished with books which contain such food, in exhaustibly. The library is a place of concourse, where books based on the curriculum, books on poetry and fiction, authored by some of the great wordsmiths and books that deal with subjects like environment and science are packed in the almirahs. The newsletters, weeklys, informative magazines, journals and encylcopedias also feature in this vast collection of versatile literature.

Computer Lab
The IT revolution has caught the whole world by storm. To keep up with the latest trend and technology of the IT industry, the school has realised the importance of imparting computer education to its scholars. For this purpose, the computer laboratory has been fitted with latest computers, endeavouring to display computer science in its most complete and winning form, pouring forth the latest information with zeal of enthusiasm.