The scholastic education is "The gigantic ordinary means to a great but ordinary end" - said Cardinal Newman. Since the Brooklyn School started do novo in 1987, it has aimed at raising the intellectual tone of the pupils, at cultivating their mind, in order to enhance their confidence level, at supplying true principles to popular enthusiam and fixed aims to popular aspirations.

The Brooklyn School was affiliated to the Council for The Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) in April 1999. In a short span of two years of affiliation, the school has partook accomplishments as well as disappointments. But one thing that has remained unaltered is its incessant strife towards betterment.

Extra & Co- Curricular Activities
Inter alia, the Brooklyn School emphasises on the extra-curricular development of the pupils. It has provisions for the learning of music, dance, sports and relevant activities.
Various competitions are held within as well as outside the school, every year, which provide the pupils with an opportunity to exhibit their capabilities. The Inter School Annual Dance & Singing Competition, the Inter School Debate Competition hosted by the Brooklyn School on behalf of the Frank Anthony Memorial, the Inter School Painting Competition sponsored by Hero Cycles Ltd., the Inter School Speech Competition and the Rama Krishna Ashram sponsored Essay, Elocution and Painting Competition were some of the contests the students participated in, recently, and fared with flying colors.

Seminars, Symposiums & Exhibitions
The School has been hosting seminars, symposiums & workshops. An educative lecture on 'Vedic Mathematics', delivered by Flt. Lt. Y.K. Singh and guest lectures on current topics like ' Conservation of Oil', 'Waste Management', 'Potable Water Testing', 'Environmental Hazards' and 'Save the Tiger Foundation' - have also been held in the school, in the recent past.
Whether it was the slogan writing contest organised by Parle or the Web Designing contest, the pupils of the Brooklyn School have always carved a niche for themselves.

Inter School Competitions & Activities
There are innumerable contests held in the school at the inter-house and inter-standard level.
The school also sponsors the teachers to attend seminars and symposiums held outside the school. The symposium on computer education held by Pitambar Publishing Company and COFAS, an International Computer Fair and Seminar held in Lucknow, were recently attended by the staff members on behalf of the school.
To promote free exchange of ideas and testing of opinions the school has established a Science Club under the name 'Scientia'. The forum promises to give a cachet to the innovative skills of the juvenile members of the society recieving education here.