The School

Co-Curricular Programmes
The school lays considerable emphasis on extra curricular activities, with the ultimate aim of developing all round personalities of the young growing children. These activities also provide sufficient opportunities for bringing out the talent of the children in diverse fields. Every child's birthday is celebrated.
Children are encouraged to participate in plays, variety programmes and skits which are staged frequently. They not only learn group participation and organisation but develop self confidence also. Even extremely shy children are made to shed stage fright. Depending on the age, interests and aptitude of an individual, the school also encourages its students to adopt hobbies like cookery, music, painting, dance, handicrafts etc. through various clubs to develop aesthetic side of their personality. Lectures and discourses by distinguished person are a part of the school calendar.

Awards & Scholarships
Deserving and meritorious children are given due appreciation, so as to encourage exellence in Academics, Cleanliness and Discipline. Scholarships are floated in memory of Late Dr. Ram Murti, Founder, Brooklyn School.

School Letter

For self expression and creative writing in the children the news letter entitled "BLOOM" is brought out once in each term.

Health Care and Medical Facilities
All the pupils undergo a medical evaluation done by the School Medical Officer at regular intervals. The school maintains a complete record of general health, weight and height of its students. A periodical health report of the wards is also sent to their parents. The psychologist tests and talks to the child concerned so as to ascertain the nature of their problems and suggest remedial measures to the teaching staff.

Computer Education
The requirement for Computer Education has become a necessity in the modern world, therefore Computer Studies are introduced from Class III onwards. It is an attempt to open a few windows to the students into the fascinating new world of computers and to face the future challenges, posed by the explosion of Information Technology & Communication, when they grow up. The specially designed courses for beginners would be subjected to fascination of these extraordinary machines, which are at once an extension of the human brain, a labour saving device and one of the greatest toys ever invented.

House System
The children from Play Group to Class XII are grouped under four houses:
a. Tagore
b. Vivekananda
c. Nehru
d. Gandhi
Each House has its own House-master. On entry into the school, each child is placed into a House to which he/she belongs, to the rest of his/her school career. The House-master keeps in touch with the progress, well being, behaviour and social activities of the respective students concerned. For a new entrant they provide whatever help is needed for social adjustment in a changed environment.

Educational Tours
Visits are arranged to places of cultural, scientific, historical and geographical importance and a planned outdoor programme is organised. Visits to the cantonments and to the Institutions of all India importance are arranged with the co-operation of the concerned authorities.

Games & Physical Education
The massive playground area is marked out according to the varying needs of different games. There are groups for Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Cricket. There are provisions for athleticsincluding sprints, jumps, discus and javelin throw. Games and physical training are compulsory for all students.

Teaching Staff
The school has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff which works as a team with and under the supervision of the Principal. During study hours intensive coaching in prescribed subjects is provided so that, combined with the relatively smaller sized classes, there is usually no need for extra tution, except in very rare cases. Arrangements, however, exists for private tutions at the discretion of the Principal to bring very weak students to the level of other classmates.